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Guidelines for picking the right wedding gift

Friday, September 5th, 2008

A wedding is the most special and cherished event, among others, in the lives of a couple. It not only showcases the bond of love between the couple, but also affirms a lifelong commitment to each other. This is precisely, where selecting ideal wedding gifts becomes so important. Receiving an invitation to a wedding is an expression of the love and respect the bride and groom have for you and it is but natural that you give wedding gifts as a token of the love and friendship that you enjoy with them.

There are some important principles of etiquette which pertain to weddings, i.e., from the manner in which you respond to the invitation, to the rules of purchasing and giving wedding gifts. Knowing when it is appropriate to give a gift and when it is not, is one of the key rules in wedding gift guidelines. For example, you must purchase a gift if you have received an invitation to a wedding that you are most likely to attend. On the other hand, it would also be a good idea to mail wedding gifts, in the event that you cannot. In some instances, if you receive an invitation to a wedding after it has taken place, you may not be obliged to send a gift. A suitable congratulatory card will suffice, instead.