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Planning A Perfect Beach Wedding

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

Choosing Formal Attire

Many people tend to dress less formal at beach weddings . Its best to wear lighter fabrics so that you are comfortable at your wedding and keep it short enough so it doesn’t drag in the sand.

Choosing the Location

You want to make sure you look into legal considerations such as permits and restrictions. Make sure you find out how much parking is available and also keep in mind the number of guests you have invited. You want to make sure your location is secure and safe as well.

You’ll want to decide if your going to tie the knot at a public beach or private. Private may be more expensive, so your going to have to look at your budget and go from there.

Time of Day

Saying your vows at sunset may create the most romantic atmosphere for the wedding albums. You’ll have to keep updates on the weather so that you prepare yourself incase something changes.

Comfort level

You’ll have to set up chairs for your guests so they don’t have to stand in the sand. Make sure there are accessible bathrooms nearby as well. And keep the ceremony a fair distance away from the water incase of the tide. Incase of unexpected weather you’ll also want to have a tent set up.

Sugar Beach Weddings will travel to your beach side location to perform your marriage ceremony, setup at one of our beautiful pavillions on the beach like: Gulf State Park, Ft. Pickens State Park, Big Lagoon State Park, Pensacola State Park, Navarre State Park, Beasley State Park, James Lee State Park, Henderson State Park, St. Andrews State Park. There are wonderful facilities for a reception under one of the pavillions. Simply use one of many wonderful caterers in the area. Receptions and marriages on a Cruiser Yacht in Destin are also available. Full Dinner and Open Bar available.

Sugar Beach Weddings offers you a choice of Officiants to perform your beach wedding. You can choose a Male or Female Notary Officiant or an Ordained Minister. If you are energetic and love the beach, please contact them for information on owning your own Beach Weddings Business in any State that has a Beach.

Personalized Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Groomsmen gifts are a very nice way to show your groomsmen how much you really appreciated all of there help during all of the wedding chaos. When choosing your groomsmen gifts make them more special for the person receiving by making the gifts personalized. Here are a few ideas for personalized groomsmen gifts.

Personalized grooming kit

If you decide to give your groomsmen a personalized grooming kit they will be shocked and they will know how thoughtful you are. Grooming kits are very useful and since they are personalized it makes it that much more special for your groomsmen receiving the gift.

Personalized watch money clip

Personalized watch money clips make great gifts because they are very useful and attractive. Your groomsmen will love receiving this particular gift because it is really convenient for storing cash and checking the time.

Personalized watch accessory case

If you decide to choose to give your groomsmen a watch accessory case just know it is very useful for your groomsmen. It is personalized it makes a very nice keepsake for your groomsmen and it really shows them how much thought you have put into choosing there gift.

Just remember when choosing a groomsmen gift just make the gift thoughtful and it makes the gift a lot more special if it is personalized and useful.

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