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Picking The Right Wedding Invitations

Friday, December 4th, 2009

First on the list of things to consider is whether you are having a formal wedding or more of an informal one. If you are having a formal night time wedding then you definitely do not want to send out an informal invitation. Also if you are having an informal wedding then you would not want to send out a very formal wedding invitation. Try and match the style of your invitation to the style of your wedding.

Considering your personal style and the style of your wedding is also important when you are choosing wedding invitations. You may want to consider using one of your wedding colors for the color of your wedding invitations. Perhaps you are having a wedding in which pink and black are your colors. Carrying the pink and black over to your invitations is a great way to give your guests a hint at what your wedding may be like. While you do not have to match your invitations to your wedding colors, this does look classy.

Keeping in mind the formality of the wedding, the colors and style, and the theme of your wedding can all help you to pick out the invitations that are just right for your wedding. Having a well designed wedding invitation will impress your guests and be a great way to invite them to one of the biggest events in your life.

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