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Choosing Your Wedding Cake

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

The wedding cake is a major part of the event, so choosing the right one requires planning, careful consideration, communication and the best part, taste testing. It’s important to allow enough time for making the right decision. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, there are several tips that can help make the process of choosing the best wedding cake as easy as possible.

Location is the first thing to come when choosing a wedding cake. Of course the time of year is a key factor as well as the location of the baker delivering your cake. For example if you plan on having your wedding in the summer in a location that gets direct sun, things like Butter Cream, Mousse, or ice cream cake might not be the best choice. If you do choose a cake like this for some reason, you want to make sure you aren’t having your wedding outdoors, in an area where the room is slightly heated or where the sun will reflect off glass and possibly melt the cake. Additionally, you don’t want to have to worry about transporting the cake from a long distance if you are worrying about it melting as well.

When choosing a cake designer make sure you choose someone that listens to your ideas, creates around you as a couple and not around what they, the designer wants. Also, when choosing a cake designer make sure you check out their portfolio just like you would with any other vendor. While the baker may be talented, they all have a style. Just like you interviewed various photographers to get a sense of their style, it is the same thing when looking for a baker to design your cake. You also have to decide which one is more important to you. Some bakers are going to care more about the look of their cake than they are about the taste of the cake. Which one matters more to you? Most important, make sure you taste the cake. Never choose a designer that doesn’t offer a sample cake. Any baker can tell you they make the best Butter Cream or chocolate cake. They can even convince you. However, a good designer will want you to make an informed decision and will not want you to be disappointed on your wedding day.

While the flavor and type of cake are the decision of the couple, you will still want to keep your guests dietary restrictions in mind. If you have children that are addicted to peanut butter or strawberries, you definitely don’t want it in the cake that everyone is going to be served. A way to do this and still respect your guests is to have different flavors in the different tiers. The couple can have the bottom tier that they will be cutting the flavor of their choice. When you hire a wedding planner more than likely they will be at the cake tasting with you and will know the details of the cake you choose. However, if you don’t hire a wedding planner and you are planning your wedding yourself, let someone know any details they may need to know about the cake. Make sure the planner at your venue knows and whoever may be cutting your cake.

Keep in mind most cakes are priced by the slice. Therefore, you don’t want to order a cake that is too large. You only want to order a cake that will feed 200 guests at the most if you have a guests list of 175. Of course part of the cake some will save for their anniversary. In that case you will want to have a little extra. Again if you are working with a wedding planner she will know how to advise you about the size of your cake. However, if you aren’t, keep this in mind and discuss it with your cake designer. An experienced cake designer will usually give you good advice and know how to advise you with regard to the size of your cake.

In fact, the white tiered cake of yesterday isn’t the only way to go. There are so many creative choices in wedding cakes these days. There are even those that are choosing to have cupcakes instead of a traditional cake. At this point, cupcakes are still considered to be something that a whimsical/modern bride would choose and for now it isn’t considered traditional or elegant.

Finally, the cake is fun but most of all it is your sweet reward that will satisfy your sweet tooth on your wedding day. It should reflect your personality, your wedding theme but mostly it should reflect what matters most about the most important day of your life. Good luck and happy cake tasting!