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Choosing a Limousine for Your Wedding

Thursday, November 12th, 2015

Choosing a limousine for your wedding can be challenging if you do not know what to consider. This is because the car that you choose to use on your wedding determined the impression that people will form towards your wedding. It will also determine how memorable the wedding will be for many people. As such, it is imperative that you choose the best limousine to use during this special day.

Arriving to the church in a nice, classic or contemporary limousine is one of the best ways of capturing the attention of the guests and other people. It also makes the event memorable to not only the bride and the groom, but also to the invited guests. Thus, just like the wedding dress a limo plays a key role in creating the desired impression in the minds of the invited guests. Therefore, whether the bride and groom are entering or exiting the church or even the wedding venue riding on an impressive limousine plays a very important role. Currently, there are many companies that are offering limousine services to clients. They have a wide range of classic and contemporary limousines from which one can choose the one to hire. However, not all limousines may be suitable for you or your loved ones who are wedding.

The best limousine to hire is the one whose price suits your financial needs. Budget has been a limiting factor for many people when hiring a car for their wedding. To choose the best limousine for your wedding, consider the amount of money that you intend to spend on your wedding. Also consider the amount of money that you would like to spend on hiring a limousine. Different limo companies have varying prices for their limousines. Therefore, take time to compare the price charged by various rental firms before choosing the one to get your limousine from. This way, you will find a company that offer quality limousines for hire at affordable prices.

You also need to consider your style. People have different styles that they want to display during their weddings. Design and color of the limousine that you hire are among the factors that will determine the style that you display to your guests. You can hire a black or white limousine depending on the color that impresses you. You can also choose a contemporary or traditional limousine for your wedding. Nevertheless, you need to note that not every company will have limousines that suit your style. As such, you should take time to look around for companies that have a limousine that suit your needs.

Another factor that you need to consider is the size of the limousine that you hire. Different factors should determine the size of the limousine that you hire. For instance, if you intend to use your limo for transporting the bride or groom alone, you might choose a small one. However, if you are looking for a limousine for transporting the entire bridal party, you need to hire a spacious vehicle. Nevertheless, taking time to learn about the various companies and their limos will enable you to get a vehicle that suits your needs.

Wedding Flowers: Mistakes to avoid

Thursday, November 12th, 2015

Wedding flower are a very important part of a wedding. The flower convey a lot about the feelings of the bride. The success of the wedding party and the over all look of the bride as well as the wedding venue depends a great deal on the wedding flower that she chooses to use in her bouquet. People tend to take this aspect of the wedding casually and end up spoiling the whole show. They tend to make various careless mistakes that spoil the wedding. This article highlights some of these mistakes.

The first and the silliest mistake that people tend to do is hesitating in communicating with the florist. There should be free flow of communication between you and your florist. Do not hesitate in doing so. He is the one who will convert your idea of wedding flower into reality. Communicate your ideas and requirements freely to the florist. Listen to what they say properly. They are florists and have a better understanding and knowledge of flowers than you. Therefore avoid hesitating in communicating with them.

You should have a clear image of the wedding venue along with the marriage flowers. You should know how exactly you want the venue to look along with the decoration flowers. One other mistake you are likely to make in this regard is imagining the wedding venue without guests. Picture the wedding venue with the guests and flowers in it. Communicate the desired look to the florist.The decoration flowers in the bouquet should go according to the physical dimensions of the bride and bridesmaids. This ensures good appearance and balance photography.

Another common mistake that people do is having a specific set of creative demands for the marriage flowers. They do not allow the florist to make any amendments. This should not be done. The florists are very experienced in this field. They know all that can better your idea of wedding flowers. You need to trust them with their skills.The wedding flowers should be a mix of a variety of flowers. It should not be just one species of flower decorated everywhere. The flowers should be beautiful and varied.

The flowers should go according to the venue of the wedding. The wedding flower should reflect the tempo and mood of the wedding party. The weddings flower should not give a dull look in a peppy party and vice versa.One thing that should be kept in mind while deciding the flowers is the texture and quality of the flowers. The flowers chosen should be long lasting and of good texture.

The marriage flower in the bouquet of the bride should go according to the dress of the bride. They should reflect the mood and personality of the bride.Make sure you clear things regarding the delivery and services well in advance with the supplier. Do not take risk with the quality of the flowers.The flower should be kept with great care. Water should be sprinkle don them regularly so that they do not wilt and droop early. This would however just extend the period within which they get drooped.