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Why Clean and Preserve Your Bridal

Monday, March 4th, 2013

Once their perfect wedding day is over, brides are faced with the quandry of what to do with their precious wedding gown. For most brides, the dress is the most important symbol or keepskae of their beautiful day. They have spent countless hours selecting this gown and getting it fitted to be just perfect. Besides the monetary value of the garment, it also holds great sentimental value. So, the answer is a simple one; have the gown properly preserved.So, what is the proper way to go about finding the best service for wedding gown preservation?

Locate a Cleaner Who Specializes in Wedding Dress Preservation

Antique or vintage wedding gowns are best cared for by a company that specializes in preserving old fabrics. Ask a bridal shop or wedding consultant to recommend a reputable wedding dress preservationist.

Most dry cleaners are not experts in fabric preservation. Soda, cake, or champagne may be spilled on the dress during the reception and may not leave an obvious stain at the time. Ordinary dry cleaning will not remove sugar and these stains will carmelize into an ugly brown color. Salt from perspiration may also remain after dry cleaning and will eventually damage the fabric. A dry cleaner with limited experience in cleaning wedding dresses may expose the gown to high heat which may melt buttons and trims and break down fragile fabrics.

The dress should be washed by hand with a mild cleaner which will remove stains. Ask what method the preservationist will use, and choose an expert who will hand wash the dress. A reputable cleaner will guarantee the safety of your precious gown. If you must sign a waiver stating that the cleaner is not responsible for any damage that occurs to your wedding dress while it is in their care, or in the future as a result of their cleaning methods, refuse to use their services.

Store Your Wedding Dress In Archival Paper

Once the dress is cleaned, it should be wrapped in white, acid-free tissue paper or unbleached muslin and placed in an archival acid-free textile box. Ordinary cardboard boxes and tissue paper contain acids that can break down the fabric fibers of your wedding gown and create brown streaks wherever the dress touches the box or paper.

A dress placed in a box with a viewing window should be kept out of direct sunlight which will turn fabric yellow. Store the box in a location that will not experience extreme fluctuations of temperature or humidity, such as the closet or a guest room. Never store your wedding dress in an attic or unfinished basement!

Never store your wedding dress in plastic, or in a plastic tub. The plastic will not allow for air circulation and will retain moisture that can cause mildew. Storing your dress on a hanger will cause the shoulder seams to tear out over time.

Arrange To Have Your Dress Cleaned Immediately After the Wedding

Take your dress to a professional preservationist as soon as possible after the wedding. Locate a reputable wedding dress preservationist beforehand, so that when you are whisked off to your honeymoon you may arrange to have your dress dropped off by a friend or family member. It is important to have your dress cleaned before stains are allowed to set. Prompt cleaning and careful storage will preserve your beautiful wedding gown for future generations and retain the cherished memories it holds of your special day.

Bridal Makeup Tips for Brides

Sunday, August 5th, 2012

In preparation for your wedding ceremony, you have a lot of little things to consider, the beautiful wedding dress,  jewellery, bridal bouquet, hair and last but not least, wedding makeup.

Every woman wants to look beautiful on their special day. So here are a few tips to getting that glamorous look everyone will remember.

Keep your skin moisturized and hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Remember do not have facials or skin treatments just before the wedding because you don’t want any last minute break outs!

Wear a primer under your foundation, for exceptional radiance.

Apply eye shadow that will define your eyes but not look overdone. Stay away from frosty and sparkly eye shadows as these shades date your look. Even out dark circles with a concealer.

Wear strong dark liner on your top eye lid. It lifts the eye making it appear awakened. Remember water proof mascara is a must have.

Set concealer and foundation with a sheer loose powder to reduce unwanted shine.

Neutral lip colours tend to look washed in photographs so choose brighter colours. Line your lips with a lip liner for longer lasting colour.

Remember to keep your lipstick and concealer close for touch ups.