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Saturday, July 18th, 2015

A style that has become even more popular with this chair are sashes. Whether the sashes are weaved into the bars of the chairs or its a simple, elegant, bow tie on the back of the chair… it is very popular! Sashes act as great complimentary items with these chairs along with chair covers too. So many options and combinations, it almost becomes impossible to decide on the perfect combination!

The next hot item are mason jars. Anything that has that rustic look essentially has become very popular. These are mainly for the centerpiece styles. They can either be filled with water, hold a lit candle, have some flowers or carnations, ribbons tied around them, anything that a client can think of to utilize a mason jar in some fashion or style… it has probably been done and it has looked awesome. The rustic look has become very popular in the last few years as well. Especially with weddings it has become popular. A complimentary item that has become popular with mason jars and the rustic look is the burlap style. Whether it is a runner or a little piece of burlap, it acts as a great combo look.

Another hot commodity is piping and draping. This is a style that is only used in indoor events. By providing a wall back drop, sometimes surrounding the entirety of the room, it provides a subtle satin look to the room. The company I work for provided piping and draping for a Gala Night with purple uplighting shining into the white satin pleated drapes. It was a beautiful look and it was very elegant. A recently new style where pipe and drape has come in handy is actually acting as dividers for a large room. For example, a wedding that we did recently had a huge ball room but needed to block off the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception space. With the use of piping and draping she was able to create temporary barriers so that guests could enter into the ceremony with out seeing the reception area.

Another item that is frequently asked for is to provide lighting. Usually DJ’s provide lights to give the space some color, but in the past few years it has become very popular for rental companies to provide lighting as well. I recently made a post about uplighting and lighting in general, and although I mentioned it once before, it is a highly wanted product to the point that I felt the need to discuss it again here.

Choosing Wedding Cake Toppers – A Symbol Of Your Love

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Planning the wedding ceremony is simply like starting out the big task. From reception to ceremony you have to take care each and everything.That is why this event should be pondered upon for a long span of time, it is something that requires you think about it deeply and thoroughly. Now, one of most important one that you need to think about is your wedding cake. It is something that is significant to and the wedding cake toppers also. These two works hand and hand in making this day something that will make a big impact unto your life.

Hence, you might wonder about the significance that is brought about by these wedding cake toppers, to make things clear unto you, you need to understand that this one represents you and your better half together through the good and the bad times as well. This one will remind you that what you have together is something that you need to replenish and at the same time take good care of, for the main reason why most failing relationship is rapidly growing its number is because most of them can no longer remember all of those that had happened on the day they made their vow. Thus, they also tend to forget about all of those things that do have significance unto them.

Moreover, wedding cake toppers are the ones that are can also create some accent unto the cake itself and it can add some life to it. It can be something that will make the cake look better than it is and at the same time it can allow you to keep something, since you baldy can not keep those cakes this one will allow to remember it each and every time you look at this one. Now, this one can also be edible, if you want it to you can simply ask the person making this one to make it edible for you.

For you to keep these wedding cake toppers for long, you need to have some special box on it. A box that will not only ensure you to keep your cake for a long time, but will let you be reminded of that day too. Wedding is indeed something that will not only affect you for time but at the same time for all eternity that is why you need to be sure before you jump unto it.