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Top Ten Unique and Personalized Wedding Favors

Sunday, July 26th, 2009

If you haven’t quite decided which direction to take your favors, try drawing inspiration from your wedding planning ideas, including your theme, colors, or seasonal influences. If you’re hosting an autumn wedding, place delicate, golden leaf bookmarks by each guest’s place card. For a fun, festive Las Vegas wedding, embellish the table with poker chip key chains or a fresh pack of cards printed with a design of your choosing on the back.

Because wedding favors are a thoughtful way to help guests remember the loving couple long after the big day, choosing unique and/or personalized wedding favors that are usable or decorative guarantees that your friends and family will derive a longer shelf-life from them. Brides are getting much more creative, however, and are opting not to stick to the usual tried-and-true wedding planning ideas. Instead of hum-drum wedding favors, couples are giving guests items they can use again and again.

Customizable Mementos

There’s no doubt about it – people like items that they can make their own, and personalized wedding favors are always sure to be a big success. Nowadays, you can customize your wedding from top to bottom – from ribbons, boxes, and bows to signs, tags, and labels; in fact, just about any of your creative wedding planning ideas are possible. So, why not make your favors just as special?

1. Personality Boxes: One of the best wedding planning ideas in a bride’s arsenal! Wrapped with an elegant bow and often containing useful trinkets like bottle openers, coasters, demitasse spoons, letter openers, and measuring spoons, there’s always something for a guest to love! Customize your wedding even more by purchasing an assortment of these personalized wedding favors, letting guests choose which favor they’d like to take home. Personality boxes are a lovely, personalized way to say thank you for coming.

2. Photo Place Cards and Albums: In vibrant colors, patterns, and fabrics, photo place cards and photo albums are an attractive addition to any reception table. Whether you choose to customize these personalized wedding favors with photos of you and the intended or leave them blank for guests to supply their own memorable pictures, photo place cards and albums help guests remember your happy day.

3. Luggage Tags: What a great favor for couples always on the go! With unique shapes and colors, personalized luggage tags remind guests of the wanderlust couple in a fun way. These personalized wedding favors are also great for a destination event, thanking guests for traveling so far and helping them get home in style.

4. Sticky Notes and Pads: Customize your sticky notes and pads with your wedding colors and the names of the happy couple or a quote that sums up your feelings about the wedding day. Your guests will think of you each time they jot down a quick note on one of these personalized wedding favors.

Around the House

Usability is a key element for wedding favors. But wrapped up in sheer organza and elegant designs, ‘around the house’ objects become lovely complements to your wedding reception. With a range of new, unique, and/or personalized wedding favors on the market, such as pizza cutters, honey pots, timers, ice cream scoops, piggy banks, and olive oil dispensers, brides are finding creative ways to thank their guests.

5. Wine Bottle Stoppers: For wine lovers, there’s no better gift than wine bottle stoppers. With sophisticated designs, such as snowflakes, hearts, seashells, leaves, and stars, and durable, quality materials, such as crystal and sterling silver, wine bottle stoppers can be coordinated with all of your other wedding planning ideas to match your theme perfectly.

6. Coasters: From picture-ready slots to sweet sayings or elegantly etched images, coasters are not only useful but beautiful as well. In glass, ceramic, or cork, uniquely designed and/or personalized wedding favors like coasters capture your wedding day and let your guests reminisce.

7. Candles: Whether scented or not, candles have always been favorite wedding favors for guests and brides alike. Available in any conceivable color, design, or shape, candles will certainly be used and enjoyed by your guests.

8. Tea Light Holders: Along with candles, tea light holders get a lot of use. And best of all, you can choose the design you like when formulating your wedding planning ideas! For weddings at sea, silvery sailboats are an excellent choice; for tropical destination weddings, your guests will reminisce over your frosted glass palm trees. Small, elegant, and useful are the hallmarks of a tea light holder, a staple for unique and/or personalized wedding favors.

9. Bookmarks: Help them keep their stopping point in style with bookmark favors. Match the designs and materials to your wedding planning ideas and/or themes and colors for a stylish addition to your reception.

10. Soaps: Encased in satin or organza, your soap favors are a chic way to thank your guests for their attendance. With lovely designs, your guests may even be reluctant to use them. features the largest selection of personalized wedding favors. With guaranteed low prices, our items can be custom printed, engraved, or monogrammed in time for your special day. Free Shipping on select items!

Exclusive Groomsmen Gift

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

One thing for certain is that you definitely want your groomsmen gifts to be thoughtful, useful, and memorable. You want to make sure it is something they can use in their life and treasure always, as a reminder of their role in your special day. One great way to make it personal is to personalize the gift with their name or other such wording. For example, you could have a pocket watch that is engraved with their initials or full name. You could go a step further and engrave the item with a special message or the date of your marriage.

If you are looking to personalize your groomsmen gifts with engraving, you will be happy to know that there are many things that can be engraved such as golf clubs, watches, money clips, cufflinks, poker chips, knives, or even glasses. Again, groomsmen gifts are meant to signify what these men mean to you, what their part in your wedding means to you, and to thank them for a lifetime of memories and friendship.

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Gunther Gifts prides on serving you in all your gift-giving and engraving needs. Personalized gifts hold a special meaning to the recipient. It demonstrates that you went the extra mile to select a unique gift that shows you care. Special occasions and milestones memorialized in a personalized gift are cherished and last a lifetime.