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Handmade Wedding Invitations

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Handmade wedding invitations can set the mood for your once in a life-time day. Weddings are the single most important intimate detail between you and your love. Some brides get so carried away in all the other preparations they overlook the much needed detail of the custom wedding invitations. The invitation is very important because it is what is sent to the homes of your guests. These notifications not only reflect upon you, but also your wedding day. When a handmade wedding invitation with ribbon, flowers or other decorative details arrives at the door the recipient draws the work and specialness of the card.

There are many variations and ways to enhance the wedding invitation. When you contact a company for a custom wedding invitation you have the ability to decide exactly what you want. There are many types of paper, colors of typeset, designs and even themes that you can specify. If you are having a seaside wedding than designate that your wedding invitation be a custom handmade wedding invitation. There are companies that specialize in paper made from special products.

Paper made from flowers has become increasingly popular. Not only is the texture an excellent choice for the custom wedding invitation, but it is beautiful as well. This paper is a hand made paper that yells to your guest’s class and style. The paper is made through a process of pressed flowers that you choose. It may be the favorite flower of the bride and groom or one that picks up the colors of the wedding. Other versions that are used with handmade wedding invitations are baby’s breath and leaves.

The typeset and colors have a great deal to do with the impression and look of the custom made wedding invitation. It is best to experiment to decide which color to choose. Look at the paper and compare different styles of print and colors. This will help you make the decision on your invitation. This is very important so take your time!

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Choosing Wedding Invitations

Monday, January 4th, 2010

Picking out the wedding invitations will be one of the most exciting things that you do for your wedding. You will want them to look great as they proclaim your big day to friends and family all over the world. When preparing your guest list be sure to invite everyone you want to be part of your exceptional day. If details are neglected it shows careless wedding planning. The following are some tips to help you choose right wedding invitations that best suits you and your wedding.

1. When sending out your invitations, you should include a reply card. The purpose for sending out wedding invitations is that you get an approximate count of guests that will attend your wedding. So having the reply card makes it easy for the guests to RSVP.

2. On your invitation be sure you are clear on what type of setting you are planning. Weddings are usually planned as a formal event, however on many occasions the couple chooses to have a casual setting. So it is important to let your guest know what to expect so they to can plan ahead. Another important factor to include is the dress code. Most guests appreciate knowing what you expect so they can be prepared before the wedding date.

3. If you are planning a more intimate wedding you may want to have personalized invitations. When inviting only family and your closest friends it may be better to create your own invitations. Wedding invitations can be expensive so when working on a budget, if only a small amount of invitations are needed you may consider making your own.

4. When choosing your invitations you can include the colors of your wedding to be more creative. You can not go wrong with white wedding invitations it seems to never go out of style. You may want to include the color of your wedding or colors that reflects your personality as a couple.

5.When choosing a design for your invitations you and your partners tastes should be considered. For many years the traditional wedding invitations with bows, ribbons and flowers were considered as great designs however it can also be seen as dull, boring and lifeless. You need to include the personal touch of you and your partner. Include a modern design which you both can agree on.

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