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Buying Wedding Invitations Online

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Choosing wedding invitations online is a growing trend among future brides and there are a few good reasons for that. Following are three tips for finding the best deals on wedding invitation online in a jiffy.

What is so good about the internet when it comes to wedding invitations is that it allows you to do your research whenever you have time. No matter what time of the day it is, you can browse, compare different wedding invitation designs and solicit feedback from colleagues, friends or your future spouse. Compare this with the offline world where you either need to take a day off or visit the local print shop after work.

You are not only able to see hundreds of designs from different merchants, but also compare their offers. One disadvantage is that you can not touch them like you could if they were in a display book. It can also be hard to sort out legit wedding invitation merchants from fake ones. How do you know which one you can trust and give them your credit card number? Check the Better Business Bureau online to see if there has been any complaints filed and ask around on message boards about your chosen website.

Shop until you drop – even if you happen to find wedding invitations that you like on the first website that you visit, don’t stop there. It is quite possible that you will be able to find better deal on the same type wedding invitations on another website.

When you narrow down on two or three, ask for references, but keep in mind that they will reference you only to people that were happy with their work. It does not hurt to look up their names online and see if there is someone unhappy with them.

Once you choose wedding invitations that you like, order samples. You want to be sure that they look as well offline as online and you want to make sure that your wedding invitations could be delivered on time.

The Invitation Studio knows the importance of choosing the right invitation as it is the first thing your guests will see and it will set the tone of your wedding. The Invitation Studio provides you with the best product at the best prices.

The Invitation Studio offers the finest selection of wedding invitations from traditional and modern to elegant and pocket folds. The easy ordering system allows you to customize and view your invitation online. In addition to the wedding invitations The Invitation Studio is pleased to also offer save the date cards, printed thank you cards, bridal shower invitations, disney invitations and much more. You can save 25% when you order online. Please take a moment to browse the site and do not hesitate to contact The Invitation Studio today.

Discount Wedding Invitations, for Weddings on a Budget

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

Weddings can be extremely expensive affairs. Very expensive. Have you started to price everything yet? And the same goes for wedding invitations. Do if your wedding is to be done on a budget you need to find some good discount wedding invitations to help you stick to the budget.

Everything just seems to cost more than you could ever expect it to when you have a wedding. Not only is it the wedding invitations, but everything. If you haven’t started planning your budget and doing some pricing yet you’re in for a shock. Wait till you see what wedding flowers cost, for example.

Of course there are those to whom the cost of the wedding doesn’t make that much difference. They can afford whatever it costs. But for the mere mortals like you and me the cost of a wedding is a major issue. And when it comes to choosing the wedding invitations you need to find great, but discount, wedding invitations.

Now that’s not to say they should be tacky or cheap looking. You can always find good looking discount wedding invitations if you know where to look. There’s plenty of options to buy invitations for weddings that look every bit as good as their more expensive cousins, but which won’t break the bank.

But before you buy your wedding invitations, discount or not, you need to think of a few things. Remember that the invitation is the first thing most of your guests will see of your wedding, so it needs to say what you want it to say.

So you need to know what wording you’re going to use. What do you plan to tell your prospective wedding guests? How will you say it?

And you need to choose the style of invitation to fit with the style of your planned wedding too. If you want to have a wedding with a country and western theme then it certainly helps to choose invitations that have a great country and western theme too. Choose your wedding invitations after you have some of the basic wedding planning done, so you know more about what you want your invitations to say.

And remember it’s not just the wedding invitations that need to be sourced either. With each invitation you need to supply a RSVP card and a stamped envelope too. And of course it doesn’t hurt to source some great, cheap, RSVP cards either.

So remember, do some of your wedding planning before you start choosing your wedding invitations. Choose your wedding theme, and make some plans, then choose invitations that match your theme.

Where do you find great discount wedding invitations? Online is where. Just about everything is cheaper online now. Why? Because overheads are much cheaper online.

A traditional wedding shop has to pay for expensive overheads, particularly real estate. The shop owner has to buy or rent a store in a great location, near the customers, and this costs a lot. Suppliers for online businesses though don’t need anything more than somewhere to store stock, and this can be anywhere cheap. So overheads are lower for online sales.

And online there’s no need for staff, other than the minimum.

So you get the cheapest and best discount wedding invitations online. When coming with Love Bug Wedding Invitations you will gain your desire. Due to discount wedding invitations are its claim to fame. Love Bug Wedding Invitations offers name brand wedding invitations found in retail stores at discounted prices. It also ships the invitations to your doorstep and you receive the savings!

Wedding invitations with wraps or embossed borders are among the most popular. The selection of discount wedding invitation cards includes dozens of tradition, trendy and elegant styles. Love Bug Wedding Invitations offers various border designs, from pearlized borders to simple but elegant invitations. Many couples today prefer understated, elegant wedding invitation designs, and the invitations fit the bill perfectly.

If you’re looking for quality wedding invitations that will create treasured memories for yourself and your guests for years to come, Love Bug Wedding Invitations would be proud to assist. The online proofing system allows you to preview your selected design with your choice of type styles, verses and ink colors. Love Bug Wedding Invitations is confident you’ll find the wedding invitations of your dreams.

When you start to add up the costs of a wedding, you’ll be happy to find wedding supplies at the best prices possible. Because weddings aren’t cheap.